From A Satisfied Customer!


To whom it may concern,Just wanted to send a letter of deep appreciation for the existence of your company and your operation practices. I own a small town store in Center Point, IA that sells Unique gifts price and also contains a concession area. We are opening soon so have began the task of searching for vendors to fulfill our needs. Much to our surprise this has been a daunting task.
I have searched for hours on the internet, just to find a company that could supply snoball supplies at a reasonable price and did find many with one exception, shipping! I’ve seen many with quart bottles as low as $4.88, how ever shipping cost ranged from $30.00 to well over $100.00 just for regular ground.
Imagine the frustration of having to pay shipping cost as much as the product order. It’s like paying employee taxes equal to the tax taken from their pay! Then I stumble upon Ralph’s snowball supply and become an instant customer for the following reasons:Site layout. Your site is easy to navigate and stays focused on one product.Your offer of free shipping on package deals places your company well above the rest in our opinion!The product review and detail all the way down to the required nutritional value of the product caused me to proudly order decals to display in my store.The over all care you have for your customers.
As our establishment presses on to to provide fair value to our customers we will defiantly show our continuous support of Ralph’s and endeavor to have a long relationship with your company. Thank you for your time and business practices.

Sincerely, Robert Amos owner of Unique Gifts Emporium


Ralph’s SnoBall Supply Inc.