Shaved Ice Sales Skyrocketed In 2012

Hot Dry Weather Boosts Snow Cone Sales

The winter of 2012 was mild, the spring was warmer than normal and the summer saw sweltering temperatures that were still balmy in the fall. High temperatures coupled with extreme drought conditions led to failed crops and higher food prices. 2012 was the hottest year on record.

On the other hand, these adverse weather conditions were directly responsible for record snow cone sales in 2012. I use to hear my mother say “Something good comes out of every bad thing that happens” ¬†While no one wishes for extreme weather, if you were in the snow cone business in 2012, it should have been financially rewarding.

Some climate experts believe that the adverse weather of 2012 is going to be the new normal. If you’re in the snow cone business, be prepared to be very busy in the coming years. Add a few new snow cone syrup flavors. Customers are always looking for interesting new snow cone flavors. More flavors translate into increased sales. Snow Cone Profit Potential Is High and rags to riches stories are not uncommon.